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Our Team.

Launched in 2015, Eagle & Beagle creates powerful branded films by applying storytelling to clear and strategic thinking.


We've worked with clients across the globe, using this powerful combination to help businesses create impact and grow through video marketing.

So why are we called Eagle & Beagle?


The eagle aims higher, soaring upwards using its exceptional vision to take it all in and see the bigger picture. 


The beagle has its nose to the ground, always curious and inquisitive. Acutely aware of its surroundings, it has a knack for staying focused on the details.


Together they've got every angle covered. Blue sky thinking, balanced out with a nose for business and outstanding attention to detail. 

Our Partners.

NAJ_Square Logo_black on orange_TM_RGB_20220515_PNG.png

No Average Joe

Hybrid content creators with a strong documentary background & keen sense of design.

Based in Singapore.


Podcast Pioneers

Award-winning audio, design & strategic podcast production.

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