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The Passage

Short documentary

The Brief

The Passage came to us whilst preparing to celebrate their 40th anniversary and continue their fight to end street homelessness. They wanted to make a film looking back at the history of the charity and looking at their plans for the future. The plan was to show the film at a gala concert at the Royal Festival Hall, London. 

Our Approach

It became apparent that we needed to tell the story of The Passage itself, but that it was actually the people within it, and their own personal stories that would allow us to communicate the core values of the charity. 

We spent time getting to know some of the people within the organisation, allowing us to capture their stories authentically on camera. 

By going through our process and defining all the key aspects of the film, in the planning stages we were able to piece together a lot of interweaving narratives into a cohesive and engaging final film. 

This was a project we were particularly proud to be a part of. 

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