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Podcast Pioneers

Brand film

The Brief

Podcast Pioneers were looking to create a video that introduced them to their target audience (purpose-driven organisations) to be used both online and at events. The purpose of the video was to introduce the brand to the viewer, and quickly convey how they can help businesses be heard by highly engaged audiences. 

Our Approach

Using the Podcast Pioneers brand as the central character, we set out the brand’s 'why', and what drives the brand to do what it does.

We followed this by demonstrating ways in which Podcast Pioneers has built products and services that deliver on its mission statement.

Finally we focus on the action we want the viewer to take - to get in touch and see how Podcast Pioneers can change their business for the better.

Testimonial - Katharine Kerr, Podcast Pioneers

George and the Eagle & Beagle team put an enormous amount of time and energy into understanding our business and our vision in order to design a concept that truly captured the spirit of the work we did. They collaborated on designing a story and creative for our film that felt true to our brand and to the work we did day-to-day. The creative development process was easy: George talked with us about the story of our business and identified an authentic narrative for film.

The shoot day was just a lot of fun - the team helped us find the perfect locations and dedicated an enormous amount of time and energy into getting beautiful shots. George’s technique meant that we were able to communicate naturally what our business was about without having to follow a script. George and Dave are true film-makers - patient, professional and dedicated to the detail.

We couldn’t be happier with the end result and this whole process was very affirming to our business mission and values. I thoroughly recommend Eagle and Beagle!

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